HoV and OoA

by Shyyegirl, 492 days ago

You guys probably thought I was never gonna post these..... MEOW! I finally did!

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Another Kitticat First

by Shyyegirl, 575 days ago

Found this bony fella all to his lonesome in Fear the other day. Another Kitty first!

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Trakanon dies by kitty claws!

by Shyyegirl, 614 days ago

We've joined up with other guilds in the past to kill this dragon, but this was the first time Trakanon was slain by kitty claws only! Not before we had some technical difficulties, though...

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Dead Sev!

by Shyyegirl, 659 days ago

Another Kitty first! FINALLY Kittens got that dragon that everyone wants from EJ! Congrats to us! =^.^=

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Lady Nevederia

by Shyyegirl, 733 days ago

Kitties continue to get stronger and stronger and we get to add another to our list of Kitty-only firsts! This time a big, bad ole dragon lady in Temple of Veeshan! Congrats to us!

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Trakanon Dead!

by Shyyegirl, 753 days ago

Careful, Droar! He may be dead, but those teeth still look sharp!

Congrats to the Cats on our 1st Kitty Trak kill & Purpyl getting dat epic!! ♫♪♩


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Chardok and the Sleeping Monks

by Shyyegirl, 762 days ago

Here, Xytunes lulls the monks to sleep with his beautiful melodies.

Look at them all crashed out on the chair and floor....

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Odd Travels Around Norrath

by Zumbutu-Nyamaar, 802 days ago

Zumbutu was heading to Wakening Lands, and while wandering through Kael, stumbled upon a cold, but familiar, face...


Hearing the plight of Lezluk and his need for a specific spell, Kittens gathered outside of Veeshan's Peak in Skyfire to lend some paws.  Erm, lend a hand.



And some time back, while heading to Bank in Thurgadin, I ran across my good friend, Zynniz,  He had been killed during a raid, and he looked downright frozen here in the cold of Thurgadin.  So, Scoundril gave me a hand, and we tried to keep the poor leeezaard warm....


A couple of weeks back, I was able to witness a truly spectacular set of events.  First, I got to see Gorenaire wipe a raid force.  You can see their remains as she struts away...


But soon after, Revenge was served!


I never have come to fully trust the Coldain Dwarves.  Something about their gray skin and blue lips...  Makes me wonder about them...  While hunting in East Wastes for Snow Griffon Eggs, I came upon a very strange stew being cooked up in one of their camps.  


I hope you all enjoy the screenshots!  Please feel free to add your Memorable and or Humorous shots to this thread!


-- Zumbutu/Nyamaar


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Frozen Shadow Shenanigans!

by Shyyegirl, 842 days ago

What happens in TOFS should really STAY in TOFS :)

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Spacepope sings to Dr. Oar!

by Shyyegirl, 868 days ago

Poor Dr. Oar!

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